Although she’s probably contemplating which cat she wants to pounce next, she looks about as uncertain as I feel.  I thought I was somewhat computer savvy until today.  I just started more college classes, working on that Bachelors, and the first one I was assigned is a computer class using Windows 2010.  I think I’d rather clean toilets. 

Problem one is actually finding the shell program I’m supposed to be using.  The instructions to find it are vague and, after checking with classmates, I feel really, really stupid!  Worse, most of them said to complete it you need to have lots of screens open and go back and forth quickly!  I want a book.  I want paper.  Flipping back and forth between screens means I will somehow lose one of them and then get myself entirely confused and have to return to square one.  I know this from past experience…I’m the queen of closing the “window” I’m not supposed to close and frantically trying to figure out where it has gone and how I can retrieve it and if it has saved whatever I needed saved.  

Point, click…I’m great at that part.  I can even drag things.  The typing feature is my favorite, but when it comes to cascading files and double screen shots (that just sounds wrong somehow) I’m all toes…and these toes are not coordinated enough to dance much less keep up with all the hoopla going on on the desktop.

I did learn what a kernel was though.  And now I know what those thingies are on my workplace computer screen that I just love – Aero Pics!  Zoom, zoom.

I’m a cat geek, a cooking geek, a writing geek, a reading geek, a Jesus freak, but I’m just not a good computer geek.  Sigh.

I have to make files for fruits and veggies and put them in a folder now.  I need some Windex…anything to make this a little more clear!