Following last week’s rain several dark clouds scuttled across the sky and I caught these at sunset.  At first it looked as if smoke were dripping from the sky but then I saw the dogs!  Can you see the little Yorkie in the forefront bounding upward, facing right, and the fluffy Cockapoo titled downward just behind him?  Such rascals! They remind me of the mega-balloons in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, floating just above street level.  Within moments they morphed into something shapeless that found no familiarity in my imagination.  I’m glad I captured these playful clouds, dark as they are, when I did!  

I got to thinking how life can be this way sometimes.  An event, tragedy, or change crosses our path and until we stare at it awhile, get used to what’s happening, we act in confusion, feel disconnected.  We look for something, anything, familiar to hold on to and grab it for all we’re worth, Somehow, with time, we adjust and then we change, morph, grow, and it becomes a part of us.  And that can make us stronger, or it can keep us broken.  It’s all in our perspective and who has our heart.  

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for having my heart, for rain, for puppies in the clouds, and for reminding me to ever keep my thoughts on You.